Women in the U.S. make 80% of all health care decisions.

If you want to grow your practice,

you not only have to reach your target audience – you have to speak their language. Every week, every day… We make it happen for you.

Why Hippomatic?

Because M.D. is not short for “Marketing Director”?

Hippomatic Digital Marketing was founded by Adrienne Folse, a 20+ year marketing veteran and owner of Design the Planet. She and her team help create positive connections between clinicians and their patients by improving their image and strategically marketing to women and other target markets.

Why do we focus on women?

Women aren’t just looking for a doctor; they’re looking for a patient+physician relationship. Female patients have different needs. Marketing to them is different, too.

Ready to Kick-the-Can?

Our clients are typically excited that we are not delivering canned content, websites, social media, and approach to their marketing. We have proven methods, and we are not afraid to use them.

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