About Us

We help Doctors grow their fan base and get the new patients they deserve.

Doctors are clinical Rock Stars and I’m privileged to be their agent of success and growth. After all of your years spent in medical school and all of the continuing education and lives saved, you deserve to be treated like the Rock Star you are. We help new patients find you, and we do it consistently, 365 days each year so you can focus on what you do best. Get started with Hippomatic today by Scheduling your 20 minute consultation with Adrienne.

Unfortunately, patients today have multiple choices when it comes to selecting a physician. It isn’t enough to be brilliant – you need a brilliant marketing plan as well. That’s where I come in.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with several clinical groups. Some with three clinicians, others with hundreds of employees in locations scattered all across the state. I’ve had the privilege of assisting many healthcare practices and their amazing doctors understand their brands, and then create sustainable marketing plans. With the right strategy and implementation, I can help you not only get more patients, but the kind of patients you’re looking for – consistently.

Doctors with Adrienne

And just as you wouldn’t prescribe a course of treatment for a patient without a complete examination, I start every engagement with a thorough exploration of your organization, the market, your marketing, and brand perception. With that baseline of understanding, I then create a marketing plan to get you to the next level.

Now if you just want to doctor with your website and dabble in SEO, I’m probably not the person you need. But if you want to be able to trust your marketing to a professional so you can focus on your patients and your practice, you know who to call.

Easy Steps to Effective Patient Growth


STEP 1 – We get you organized and set goals.

We start by looking at your current marketing and social media and work with you to find out where you need the most help.

STEP 2 – We take over the marketing tasks you and your team don’t want to do.

Whether it’s social media management, website development, and SEO, digital marketing, or all of the above, we are here to support you and your practice.

STEP 3 – We set you up for success.

We take care of your marketing every month and we report to you regularly on performance metrics, goals, and concerns, and plan for improvements throughout the year.


  • Hippomatic has been instrumental in representing PTI’s vision to our targeted audiences, both in our digital footprints and our direct to consumer efforts. They have served as our Chief Marketing Officer for the last 4 years. This is a very trustworthy organization who’s dedicated to understanding your business.

    by Lawrence S. Salone - PTI

  • Their branding and marketing approach helped me build a successful practice. Adrienne and her team created a strong identity and brand for my pediatrics practice fifteen years ago. They did their research and then spent time listening to my ideas of what I wanted the brand to portray about me and my practice. I was very happy and excited with the creativity and professional quality she brought to the project. From the planning to the logo, website, and the newborn booklet....