LSU Department of Orthopaedics

Website | Social Media & Marketing Planning

2 Doctors in patient room

Leadership at the LSU Department of Orthopaedics initially wanted a website that would focus on: spotlighting all aspects of the department in an easy to find website, making sure patients who need care can find a surgeon in their area, and sharing the resident experience with prospective new residents. After achieving all of our goals, including developing a PGY video for the department, we pivoted into an ongoing marketing and social media management role.

The LSU Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is dedicated to the principles of providing exceptional patient care, training outstanding residents, and engaging in innovative research.

The Website

With training and clinical sites across Louisiana the department needed a website and marketing that is world-class while still integrating into the university's aging CMS (content management system).
Translation: The website is not a WordPress website.

Our advanced programming team was able to develop and launch a website that looks modern but is coded into a 15 year old CMS.

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The Video

After some surveying and discussion, a script outline was created to achieve the departments goals. We needed to:

  • Share the resident experience.
  • Show the real diversity represented in the resident population
  • Spotlight the differentiation that the LSU Orthopaedic Department is known for.

Shooting was completed in one day at multiple sites. The end product was a great video that shares an amazing program.

Social Media

Hippomatic works closely with the department, filtering news items, information and photography to create effective, share-worthy Facebook social media posts.