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Patient Growth Through Marketing and Social Media

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How do we help with consistent patient growth & engagement:

We partnered with a premier mental health clinic to help patients live life on their terms. Working with Dr. Selone’s goals and vision, we created a go-to-market strategy, a brand refresh, and a comprehensive re-planning for their website. We successfully marketed their telehealth services, Virtual Psychiatry Network™ (VPN™), in new regions to gain new patients each month.

Long before COVID-19 and the pervasive acceptance of Telemedicine, PTI was developing innovative healthcare to help their patients across Louisiana. Started as a small group dedicated to treating PTSD and other “Post Trauma” issues, demand for services forced PTI to evolve and scaled up to treat the full spectrum of mental health conditions affecting adults and children from all walks of life.

Website Goals Achieved

  • Help visitors navigate to the part of the site they need faster
  • Increase Search Engine Optimization so that PTI will be found state-wide
  • Help PTI share their connection with LSU and other entities
  • Assist new visitors to the site and introduce VPN™ in a positive and user-friendly way
  • Differentiate and share the PTI commitment and team experience
  • Create a positive and friendly environment for patients who need help - working to always connect with them on their terms
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PTI’s success…

during COVID-19 is riding on our digital marketing strategies, multi-channel messaging, and client-communication techniques. While some providers are struggling to safely bring patients and clients back for care and treatment, PTI has experienced success by fully utilizing the updated systems we provided.

  • 15.4 % 15.4 percent increase in new appointments scheduled
  • 21.55% 21.55 percent increase in website average time on page
  • 37.9 % 37.9 percent email open rate