Healthcare Marketing Tip: Content Marketing to Engage Consumers

Want to ditch “Banner Blindness”?

        Picture this: You are watching a video on updates about the COVID vaccine, or even just watching your favorite dietitian’s vlog and there is a costly Ad in your side bar about Dr. Bob’s emergency clinic offering free drive-thru COVID testing every third weekend of the month. Would you have even noticed the Ad or blocked it out of your mind? Advertisement studies show that nine times out of ten you would completely ignore these visual ads.

This phenomenon is called “banner blindness” and refers to when a website visitor consciously or subconsciously blocks out advertisements sidebars or banners. This term was coined in 1998 when a number of website usability tests were given and resulted in the majority of users ignoring both external banners and internal “quicklinks”. If we were desensitized to media in 1998, think of how useless advertisement banners are today when the influx of media is ten-fold. According to Review42, the average adult spends two and a half hours a day on the internet, and young adults ranging from 16-24 spend three hours a day on social media. The challenge to convey a message to the public who has become desensitized to media calls for a change in the way we market to them.

Combatting “Banner Blindness” with Content Marketing

The first step to getting your voice heard in a world filled with noise is to switch your focus from advertising your business’s front-name, attributes, i.,e. who you are-to advertising your content. The simple truth is that you do have consumers that will buy your products or services. These consumers are researching your products and services before they buy, especially in the medical industry. They are educating themselves on: new medical tech advancements; COVID symptoms; where to get tested; what to do if you get COVID, the questions are endless in today’s climate. Where consumers have questions, you have answers.

Driving traffic to your domain using relevant content can optimize consumer engagement

This is where content marketing comes into play. By providing information on trending topics in the industry, your website will appear in a consumer’s search results, thus driving traffic to your domain. The website visitor is now aware of your company and will be more inclined to explore your page rather than if you had just pushed an advertisement in front of them. Content marketing is one of the most important and relevant factors in the healthcare marketing industry because people have common questions about health concerns that your business can answer. Half of the battle is getting the prospect to visit your website and the other half is getting them to engage. If you provide them with useful resources, they will want to know more about the source, i.e., you.

Want to double your exposure without doing more work?

Don’t limit yourself to just one avenue of spreading your content in a highly social media influenced world. Consider posting original content on your social platforms and even guest post on other acclaimed business’s platforms. This will not only showcase your content but also make your company more personable. When a person feels that they know you, they will feel that they can trust you. Consumer trust is key in marketing your brand; this tactic is also known as “humanizing your company”. Be sure to adapt these marketing strategies as your own to improve your presence on the internet and your overall company.

Time to ditch banner advertisement, don’t you think?

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    by Lawrence S. Salone - PTI

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