Top Ways to Help Patients Find Your Practice in 2022

What is the best way to help patients find your practice in 2022?

Are you having trouble attracting new patients to your practice?

Do you feel like your practice is invisible to potential new patients looking for healthcare providers?

You are not alone.

In 2022, gaining online visibility for your practice requires “pay-to-play”. There is very little you can do to make sure that people see your practice without paying for it.

There are many avenues of digital advertising that you can utilize for your practice, but the most well-known and widely-used is Google Advertisement. It is no surprise, as Google is the most visited website globally. In one day, Google processes over 8.5 billion searches and over 99,000 searches per second.

Google Search

It also comes as no surprise that advertising on Google is the most competitive medium to campaign on; competitive prices come with that.

So, while seeking the best value-to-results resources for our clients, we’ve determined that Google Maps is a high-priority consideration for those in the medical industry looking to grow.

Advertising with Google Maps has completely changed the game for physicians seeking to increase local traffic to their practice. Why? It charges only a fraction of the cost of traditional search ads. This value may not last long, but for now, it’s a cost-effective way of increasing awareness.

This location targeting method with Google Ads can help you streamline your advertising efforts to get the attention of potential new patients in your area, reaping maximum conversions at minimal cost-per-click rates.

Using Google Maps ads for our clients has produced up to 300 conversions, meaning physical visits or phone calls, over 1-2 months – all for as little as $0.67 per click. The numbers do not lie; this is an effective marketing tactic to attract potential new patients from your area.

Google Maps is not only relevant to people searching for a physical location; it also appears in Google search results.

When you think of Google Maps, you may think it is relevant only to those who are on the road and actively searching for the physical location of a business. While that is true, we have seen a shift in the way Google utilizes its map feature. For instance, if you Google search “Orthopedic practices near me”, your search results will populate about three advertised websites followed by a map with most of the orthopedic practices in your area. Google Maps has become integrated into all parts of search engine activity and can be utilized to attract potential patients to your practice.

Studies show over 68% of patients will Google search “…practice near me” when looking for a healthcare provider, and 19% will use Google Maps to search for a physician near them. Making sure your practice is at the top of Google’s suggested locations is key to attracting more patients to visit your practice.

How Patients are Searching For Practices


Is your online presence being overlooked by Google?

Before diving into Google Maps ads, you need to ensure your website and overall digital presence are optimized for local search results and fully responsive for Google to recognize you as a legitimate practice. You may have noticed I said “most” would appear on the map when I was discussing how Google Maps search integrates with a Google site search. Well, if your practice’s online assets aren’t optimized for search, your practice may not appear on the map feature when a patient is searching for a healthcare provider. Make sure your practice is optimized for Google Ranking by:

optimization for Google Ranking


1. Be sure your Google My Business is up-to-date.

2. Make sure all of your social media accounts contain your correct address.

3. Make sure you are engaging in social media interactions with local clients.

4. Ask for customer reviews.

5. Keep your website content fresh and publish your thoughts and expertise.

Once you’ve improved your local online ranking, Google Maps can be an effective solution to helping patients find your practice. This medium can provide you with maximum visibility and minimal ad spending in comparison to other advertising channels.

There are many tools healthcare practices can use to gain visibility with potential new patients. However, in 2022, we see Google Maps ads being one of the most effective in growing your practice.

Ready to get started with Google Maps Advertising? Contact us here to learn how!

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